User Guide

Flow of Reservation

We are completely web-based reservation system.

Reservations are completed in 6 steps. Make a reservation at least one day before the date of use.

Select your desired rental car from the website and enter the required information. Your reservation will be completed as soon as your credit card payment is completed.

What You Need

Driver’s license for all drivers

Please present driver’s licenses for all drivers.

The driver’s license must be valid in Japan and able to drive your rental car.

Credit card

If there is an over/underpayment upon return, payment must be made by credit card. Please have a credit card in your name.

Child seat

You must use child seat for child under six years old. Please bring your own or use the option.

If you do not have a child safety seat, you will not be able to rent a car.

When using an foreign driver’s license

When using an foreign driver’s license, an international driver’s license issued by a country that is a signatory to the Geneva Convention (1949) and valid in Japan is required. However, the passport and the driver’s license of the home country must be presented at the same time.

A foreign driver’s license issued in the six countries and territories covered by the program (Switzerland, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of France, the Kingdom of Belgium, the Principality of Monaco, the Republic of Estonia, and Taiwan) is also valid. However, a Japanese translation of the license and passport must be presented at the same time.

Please see the following page for details.

Flow of Departure

Visit shop

Please come to the store and tell us what type of car you reserved. We will confirm your reservation.

Preparation of rental certificate

We will make copies of your license and other required documents and prepare a contract. Please check the details of the contract and sign it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff.

Check the car and explain how to operate it

You will check the exterior of the vehicle with our staff. We will also explain how to operate the vehicle.。


Enjoy your trip with our rental car.

Flow of Return

Full tank

Please refill the tank when you return the vehicle.

Return to us

Please return to the store and return the vehicle.

Check the car

Our staff will check the vehicle. Please be careful not to forget anything in the vehicle.

Pay off

If additional charges are incurred, such as extended rental time, please pay the additional charges separately. Payment is by credit card only.