Payment Method

We only accept one-time payment by credit card. We do not accept cash payments at the store.

We accept 6 credit card brands: VISA, Master, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and DISCOVER.

*Credit cards with debit functions and prepaid credit cards are not supported. If any of these credit cards are found to have been used, the order will be unconditionally cancelled and no refunds will be made. Please understand this in advance.

Fee system

  • Hourly rate
  • Options

The total fee paid is determined by the sum of the above two items. The fee also includes a CDW.

Fees vary by vehicle type. Please refer to each vehicle page for details.

Option Fee

Options listed on each vehicle reservation page are available. Additional driver is 2,200 yen/24 hours per person.

Car navigation systems and ETC on-board units installed in some vehicles are available for free.

You are required to use a child seat if you are seated a child under 6 years old. Please use the option or bring your own.


As a compensation program included in the rental fee, insurance benefits are provided within the following limits in the event of an accident.

Personal injury1 parson limitunlimited
Property damage1 accident limitunlimited
Rental Car1 accident limitup to 50,000 yen(CDW)
Passenger damageDeath30 million yen / 1 parson

*You will be responsible for the deductible for compensation and for any damages in excess of the insurance benefits to be provided.

*Insurance benefits will not be provided in the event of an accident that falls under the policy’s deductible.

*Insurance benefits will not be provided if proof of accident cannot be obtained from the police. Please be sure to report any accident, no matter how minor, to the police and obtain proof of the accident.

Collision Damage Waiver(CDW)

Our rental car fees include a liability waiver system.

In the event of an accident, the customer is exempted from paying the deductible (up to 50,000 yen) for the vehicle warranty.

Non operation charge (NOC)

In the event of vehicle damage due to an accident while using the rental car, the following non-operation charges will be incurred as part of the operating compensation, regardless of the extent of damage or the length of time required for repairs.

When you return the rental car to the shop
(If the car can run)
200,000 yen
If you cannot return the rental car to the office
(If the car can not run)
400,000 yen + towing cost

*NOC is not included in CDW and insurance.
*If a car cannot be driven, but you drive it and return it to us, we deal with it the same as it cannot be driven.
*If you smoke in the car, make it excessively dirty, or drive the car in a sporting style, you are subject to the Non-Operation Charge.

Reservation change/cancellation fee

If you want to change or cancel a reservation, the following cancellation fee will be charged.

7 days before useFree
6 days prior to – the day before50% of the fee paid
On the day100% of the fee paid

*If you do not contact us one hour after the scheduled departure time, we cancel your reservation and cannot provide any refunds.
*If your driver’s license is not valid, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

Additional fees

  • Did not fill the tank when returning the vehicle
  • Returned the vehicle after the scheduled return time without notification
  • more than 30 minutes late for the scheduled return time
  • Damage to the vehicle exceeding 50,000 yen due to an accident
  • NOC was applied to you
  • Other cases of customer negligence

In the above cases, an additional fee will be charged according to our regulations.

*Please contact us in advance if you are going to be late for the scheduled return time.